International Benchmarks In Sustainability

ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street has achieved a 6 Star Green Star rating (the highest Green Star rating available), 5.5 Star (unassisted) NABERS Energy rating and 4.5 Star NABERS Water rating. The vine-like design allows for more natural light, which means less artificial lighting is required, and generating power on-site is a key sustainability element of the building.

Sustainable Design

The building was designed to reduce energy and water consumption, providing long-term cost efficiencies for customers while not compromising on the usability, comfort and flexibility of the space.

Advanced Technology

The latest gas-fired generator technology is used to generate power for the building, in order to reduce peak loads from the electricity grid and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Supporting Business Goals

This commitment to sustainability gives businesses within the building the ideal foundation to reach their own environmental and social responsibility goals.

6 Star - Green Star rating

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5.5 Stars - NABERS Energy Rating

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4.5 Stars - NABERS Water Rating

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