GPT Group is a recognised world leader in sustainability, ranking 2nd internationally for sustainable real estate companies on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2020. Demonstrating this leadership, our flagship development in Brisbane, ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street, has achieved Climate Active Carbon Neutral Building Certification. The incredible efforts of our team and the ongoing partnership with Greenfleet has helped to get us there.

The property sector comes with its own unique challenges in achieving sustainability. In our initial vision for the construction of ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street, our commitment to making a difference was unwavering.

Inspired by nature, the design for ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street was inspired by an algorithm on the way plants grow towards the light.

Did you know that ONE ONE ONE Eagle has achieved a 6 Star Green Star Design and As-built Rating (the highest Green Star rating available), 6 star NABERS Energy rating (unassisted) and a 4.5 star NABERS Water rating? It was designed to reduce energy and water consumption, and provide long-term cost efficiencies. Climate change is serious, and we, are committed to doing our part for the environment.

Making a Difference:

Recently, at ONE ONE ONE Eagle we received our Climate Active Carbon Neutral Building re-Certification. Our approach to delivering carbon neutrality is operating highly efficient building on renewable electricity. For every tonne of residual emissions from fuels, waste and refrigerants, we procure 1 tonne of reforestation offsets from Greenfleet plus 1 tonne of energy offset. This makes our building operations climate positive.

We are particularly proud of the reforestation projects. In addition to absorbing carbon, the forests create positive impact on biodiversity and provide ecosystem services for cleaner water resources.

What does this look like out in the real world?

Last year the climate positive impact from One One One Eagle building operations and our offsetting program included enough native trees being planted to absorb 1288 tonnes of CO2-e – the equivalent of around 80 households annual emissions.

Pretty powerful we think.

The 111 Eagle St offsets are supporting the Dangerbridge, Kabi Kabi Country site in Queensland for planting this year. Dangerbridge is located north of Noosa in QLD. it is bordered by the  Cooloola National Park, Kin Kin Creek and remnant Sub-tropical Lowland Rainforest, which is listed on Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. This project will provide further habitat for the recovering koala population and help to extend a nature refuge. The native species planted will provide prime koala food and tree diversity. Dangerbridge is also the main release site for captive bred Richmond Birdwing Butterflies and plans are being developed to use the site for formal species recovery actions for the Coxen’s Fig Parrot and the threatened plant species Keys Boronia (Boronia keysii).

Who is Greenfleet?:

Greenfleet are a leading Australian non-profit organisation who are significantly reducing carbon emissions by planting native forests in Australia and New Zealand. To date, they have planted more than 9.6 million trees.

Power in People:

Tree planting is climate change action that everyone can get involved in.
Why plant trees? It is pretty simple:

• To protect and increase biodiversity;

• Because trees prevent soil erosion;

• Because they also filter our air and provide oxygen;

•To improve water quality, and;

• To absorb carbon emissions and reduce impacts of climate change.

Greenfleet planting days occur around Australia during the winter and spring months.  We will keep you up-to-date on any tree planting days available to the occupants of 111 Eagle St.